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ADAM 控制器

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  1. I/O点:64
  2. 通讯速率最高可达115.2 Kbps
  3. 通讯总线:RS-485
  4. 网络节点:256个
  5. 支持软件:studio, S/W, Intellution Fix/i-Fix, DDL, OP
  6. 通讯端口:RS-485 x1 或 RS-232 x1
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8-slot Ethernet-enabled SoftLogic Controller
  1. 10/100Base-T Ethernet interface
  2. Built-in Modbus/TCP server
  3. Supports Modbus/TCP client
  4. Supports Modbus/RTU Master
  5. Supports Modbus/RTU Slave
  6. Supports Multiprog via Ethernet
  7. IEC-61131-3 standard package
  8. Supports LD/FB/SFC/IL/ST Languages
  9. Cross-Language compiling program
  10. 8 I/O slots base and handles up to 128 Local I/O Points
  11. Supports AI/AO/DI/DO/Counter Function Blocks
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8-slot Distributed DA&C System Based on RS-485
  1. RS-485 Communication for easy installation and networking
  2. 4 or 8 slots for up to 128 points data monitoring card control in one module
  3. Extensive software support; Windows DLL, OCX, OPC server and popular HMI/SCADA software drivers
  4. Seamlessly integrated with easy-to-use ADAMView data acquisition software
  5. Supports ADAM ASCII protocol or Modbus®/RTU protocol
  6. Supports Modbus/RTU protocol with user-defined Modbus address
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